Maximize your revenue, upsell products and build your brand image with Digital Signage and In-Store Music and Messaging solution.


Digital signage is a form of out-of-home advertising. Content and messages are displayed on digital LCD/Plasma screens. It allows you to reach your audience like never before by using dynamic video feeds, widgets, social media campaigns, and mobile interactivity.

Recent technological changes have eliminated the need for expensive systems. Sign content is easily managed using web based Signage Studio. Hardware and installation services are offered as well.


Digital Signage can help you deliver dynamic visual messages to optimize your customers’ experience while driving sales. Signage Studio allows remote access from virtually anywhere, anyplace via standard browser.

You can use the signage system in a variety of applications ranging from restaurant signage systems, menu boards, advertising networks, announcement portals, point-of-purchase, employee training, customer communication, digital video showcases and alert systems.


Digital Signage eliminates the cost of printed, traditional sign boards and informational displays. It has proven to be a better alternative to static signs, posters and billboards.

Digital signage systems offer flexible solution designed to build your brand, attract new customers, maximize sales and keep your customers informed about your marketing initiatives.

So How Can I Increase My Profit With Digital Signage?

Retailers are in the business of matching shoppers with products and making money on the resulting transaction. This is exactly what the mission of the visual merchandising is when using digital signage. When used correctly this medium can both increase sales and save costs as compared to traditional in-store communications.

The Strategy Institute of Toronto reports that in the retail sector digital visual displays receives 10 times the eye contact of static signage and boosts sales of new products advertised on in-store digital visual displays by 30 to 300 percent.

Digital Signage is a combination of four key components: a) Display, b) Signage Player, c) Content Management Software, and d) Content. The signage player is connected to the display via a video cable and to the network via a cable or wireless network. Once networked the device communicates with the content management software. A user can log in to the web-server application, upload content (media files) and setup playlists and schedules for playback.

For a small fee MU:ZONE provides full Digital Signage solution for your store or restaurant. You will get a 39″ monitor, signage player, access to web-based signage management system and templates to build eye catching ads.

Signage player and display – FREE with your subscription. Starting from $2/day for a 39″ monitor. (Internet connection is required. One time installation fee is extra. Typical installation charge is $79).

You can control your digital displays from any computer with a browser and Internet connection. No software to purchase or install.
We will help you setup digital sings using easy-to-use templates. Our team is happy to assist you with the content updates as you need it.

Stop blending in with the rest of the crowd and start leaving your mark!

Music Signature For Your Brand

Differentiate your brand, increase sales and drive customer loyalty using professionally build music programs and on-hold messaging for your business.

Business Music

Gain competitive advantage and give your customers a reason to come in and come back using the power of music. From the latest hits to forgotten gems – let MU:ZONE create unforgettable music experience for your brand.

In-Store Messaging

Drive sales, bolster your advertising and effectively communicate with your customers using in-store and on-hold messaging provided by MU:ZONE. Targeted messages can be seamlessly blended into your entertainment program to drive incremental sales.

Playlist Design

With the right mix of music the atmosphere will be inviting for customers to stay longer, re-visit and buy more from you. Our music consultants will work with you to fully understand your music needs and find the music that fits your brand.

Digital Signage Pricing


  • Web based signage studio
  • Presentation templates
  • Event based content scheduling


  • Web based signage studio
  • Presentation templates
  • Event based content scheduling
  • Free display rental – Up to 39″ size
  • Free signage player rental
  • $79 one time installation fee

Signage Light is ideal if you already have your own TV and compatible PC installed and need to supercharge your signage presentation with our professional advice, eye-catching templates, web based content management system and free signage playback software.

Signage Pro is a great way to kick-start your project if you are new to digital signage and need a reliable partner to deliver hardware, software, content and know-how to implement a turn-key solution for your project.

Both signage plans include:

  • Professional advice for content and display placement.
  • Initial presentation design.
  • Free training webinars.
  • Email and phone technical support.

Requirements: All signage plans require electrical power supply and internet connectivity for content updates.

Music Pricing

Designing compelling music experience for your customers should not be left to chance. There is more to this than a playlist of your favorite tunes. MU:ZONE uses consumer lifestyle trends, market segmentation, and branding expertise to design one of a kind branding experience for your business that will help you control your environment and make an impression. Create positive associations and connect with your customers.

Requirements: Music player is required for music playback. Player can be rented for $7/month. Player connects directly to your audio system. Electrical power supply and internet connectivity required.

Music Standard

  • Over 40 managed music channels
  • Music license fee included (SOCAN)
  • Low song repetition ratio
  • Commercial and interruption free
  • Channel scheduling/dayparting

Music Pro

  • Over 40 managed music channels
  • Music license fee included (SOCAN)
  • Low song repetition ratio
  • Commercial and interruption free
  • Channel scheduling/dayparting
  • In-Store and On-Hold custom messaging


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